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Exhibitor News

Iridian’s LaseReflect Aviator (LRG10) Glasses Now Available

Airline pilots and train conductors, have increasingly come under attack from the use of laser pointers which are now widely available and more powerful than ever.
2013-7-26 0:00:00

Lumera Laser brings advanced technology to CIOE 2012.

Micromaching any materials with ps-lasers of the RAPID series Picosecond lasers offer a micromaching technology applicable to any material, even composites, and feature sizes of 1-100µm.
2012-8-7 0:00:00

New industrial DPSS picosecond laser Atlantic HR will be introduced during the 13th China

Diode pumped solid state laser technology combined with EKSPLA‘s 30 years experience in high peak power picosecond pulses generation have enabled...
2011-8-24 0:00:00

News for CIOE2011-CorActive

CorActive has launched CorALIGHT, a new line of fiber laser modules that are built to meet the highest standards of reliability and performance
2011-8-24 0:00:00

Danish Pavilion Exhibits at CIOE 2011

The Danish Pavillion will show cast technologies and products from DTU Fotonik (research collaboration)
2011-8-23 0:00:00