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Lumera Laser brings advanced technology to CIOE 2012.

Time:2012-08-07 00:00:00

Lumera Laser GmbH   BOOTH NO.: 1A09-7 

Micromaching any materials with ps-lasers of the RAPID series

Picosecond lasers offer a micromaching technology applicable to any material, even composites, and feature sizes of 1-100μm.

A ps-laser beam can be focussed to μm diameter, and each controllable single ps-pulse will remove gently only 20-200nm-layer of material. 1mio pulses can be repeated per sec!

In many industries manufacturing engineers can micromachine any material with the same universal laser: In semicon, electronics, solar cell, aerospace, automotive, medical,
microfluidic, micro mold technology etc.

LUMERA LASER specializes in the development and manufacture of ultrashort pulse lasers for industrial applications and is the dominating supplier of such systems in the world market.

With up to 75W TEMoo average power and pulse repetition rates of up to 1MHz are now available for high quality industrial micromachining. The price per watt ps-laser power drops by a factor of 10 in com parison to the RAPID laser; this opens up new industrial applications!

Now more then10-60 mm3 /min of material can be abated coldly, without thermal sideeffects;

no heat effected zone, no cracks, no burr at the edges.

The TCO for that 1min will be in the order of only 0.2€

LUMERA LASER′s application lab is available for customer experiments; it has processed more then 1000 samples and demonstrated great results, e.g. this photo shows a high quality 35μm wide cut in a tungsten foil.
Bernhard Klimt, Director Business Development, www.LUMERA-LASER.com.

CIOE 2012 – ficonTEC News

English version:

ficonTEC BL100 is a versatile handling system for micro assembly applications, such as die bonding and component handling. The BL100 is an assembling platform in an overhead gantry arrangement with an integrated beam splitter which provides a maximum working area at minimal installation area. With the integrated beam splitter in combination with the programmable z-axis this system is well-suited for simple sorting or assembly applications as well as for reproducible bonding of electronic and optoelectronic components. Available options to support the bonding process are heating plates, heated placement heads or dispenser.

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