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Iridian’s LaseReflect Aviator (LRG10) Glasses Now Available

Time:2013-07-26 00:00:00

 Booth No. 1A33, Canadian Pavilion, Hall 1

Airline pilots and train conductors, have increasingly come under attack from the use of laser pointers which are now widely available and more powerful than ever.  The glare caused from these attacks can cause dangerous distractions or even temporary blindness. Iridian Spectral Technologies Ltd. announces the availability of LaseReflectTM Aviator LRG10 glasses to mitigate the effects of these attacks.


Iridian’s multi-layer dielectric thin-film solutions provide high transmittance with deep, narrow notches to maximize laser reflection while minimizing the impact on light levels and color recognition for the remainder of the visible spectral region.   LaseReflectTM Aviator LRG10 are designed to provide >99% reflection of the most commonly used Green (532 nm) laser pointer with additional reflection of the potentially hazardous, high power near-IR (NIR, 1064 nm) band that is often present as well. These glasses are designed to reduce glare over a field of view for angles of incidence of 0º to 20º, are manufactured on durable polycarbonate plastic, and are available for purchase online for 299 USD.