With 0 to CIOE 2017 Opening

Venue Service

The Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center was designed by German architects and provides modern exhibition facilities. Located in the downtown area of Shenzhen, it is connected to all major transportation systems and easily accessible from all parts of the city. Many four- and five-star hotels and top restaurants are within short walking distance.

The Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center is located in the central district of Shenzhen. It is the landmark building of CBD, and echo with the CAD. It is only about 1km away from the Shenzhen Citizen Center.

Chinese Restaurants: Chinese restaurants are located in the Food and Beverage Square, 1st Floor and B1 Floor, SZCEC.

Western Food: Western restaurants are located in the Food and Beverage Square, 1st Floor and B1 Floor, SZCEC

Washroom: Locate on the 2nd floor, SZCEC, and each exhibition hall has Man and Woman Washrooms, Please pay attention to the washroom logo.

Rest Area: Each hall has specified rest area.

Wifi Service: Wireless wifi is available in the whole Convention & Exhibition Center. Users can have two hours free Wifi service with the verified mobile phone number.

Business Service: Room 212, 2nd Floor, SZCEC

ATM: ATM Counter is located at left and right sides of main entrance hall, 2nd Floor, SZCEC

Storage: Hall 1, Gate 8, 1-109

Locker Service: Both sides of Exhibition Hall North Entrance, 2nd Floor, SZCEC

Big Locker: RMB5/Time

Small Locker: RMB1/Time

Medical Aid: the temporary Medical Aid locates in room 207, 2nd Floor, SZCEC.The organizing committee office has medicine chest, any emergency, and please call 120.

ART (Alarm Recording Telephone): 110

Hotel Service: Room 205,2nd Floor, SZCEC