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Laser Technology and Intelligent Manufacturing Expo

Under the strong promotion of "Made-in-China 2025" and intelligent manufacturing, there will be a boom in China's laser indusrty. Numerous new applications will emerge in the market such as laser micro processing, medical laser and laser 3D printing, which will push forward laser technology future development and leads China into laser-processing age.

With Strong basis in pearl-river delta, CIOE will launch a specilialized sub-expo - "Laser Techonology and Inthelligent Manufacturing Expo". Expecting over 300 lasers manufacturers and more than 10,000 local and international visitors, the event will show case latest laser techonologies, new applications and new trends on 10,000 ㎡ meters exhibition area. Leading brands such as Han's Laser, Chutian and JPT will exhibit their cutting-edge laser equipment. The concurrent conference will elaborate how the "Intelligent Manufacturing" enables the traditional manufacturing to step into an era of "light processing".

- Date

September 5-8,2018

- Venue

Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, China

- Supporters

 Ministry of Science and Technology of China
 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China
 Chinese Academy of Sciences
 China Electronic Technology Group Corporation
 International Solid State Lighting AllianceISA
 Royal Danish Consulate General in Guangzhou
 Canadian Consulate General in Guangzhou
 U.S. Consulate General in Guangzhou
 U.K. Consulate General in Guangzhou

- Co-organizers

 China Association for Science and Technology
 Chinese Optical Society
 Academy of Optoelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
 New Technology Development Center, China Association for
 Science and Technology
 China Solid State Lighting Alliance (CSA)
 International Convention & Exhibition Work Committee of
 Chinese Optical Society

- Co-sponsors

 China North Industries Group Corporation
 China South Industries Group Corporation
 China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation
 CETC International Co., Ltd
 Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance
 CMAI Association of India
 Chamber of Commerce & Industry Brazil-China (CCIBC)
 Optics and Photonics Society of Singapore
 Optical Communication Committee of
 China Institute of Communications
 Optical Manufacturing Committee of
 Chinese Optical Society
 Wuhan National Laboratory of Optoelectronics (WNLO)
 Hong Kong Optoelectronics Association
 Guangdong Optical Society
 Shenzhen Optical Society
 Shenzhen Conference Exhibition Association

- Organizer

Shenzhen UBM Herong Exhibition Co., Ltd

- Exhibit Profile


  • Laser Materials & Components: Laser crystal, Laser Chips, Laser Diode, Laser Power, Scanning Mirror, Optical Table, Optical Design Software, and Optical System. 

  • Lasers: Solid State Laser, Semiconductor Laser, CO2 Laser, Excimer laser, Dye laser, Fiber Laser, Ultrafast laser, Quantum Cascade Laser, Disk Laser, Detector, THz, and other Light Source.

  • Laser System Equipment: Laser Marking Machine, Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Welding Machine, Laser Engraving Machine, Laser show System, Laser Heat Treatment System, Laser Texturing System, Laser Scribing System, Laser Test & Measurement Equipment, UV Cured Machine, UV Light Source System, LED Light Source and Dispenser.

  • Laser Intelligent Manufacturing System: Integrated Laser Intelligent Manufacturing System, Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment, Integrated Control System, CNC Control Equipment, Automation Equipment, Sensors in Internet of Things, Industrial Robots, 3D Printing and Accessories, 3D Scanning and other Intelligent Application Solutions.

- Some Key Exhibitors: