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1st Executive Forum on Laser Technologies: From new technologies to emerging applications



About the 1st Executive Forum on Laser Technologies: From New Technologies to Emerging Applications

Yole Développement is proud to collaborate with CIOE to organize the 1st Executive Forum on Laser Technologies. The forum will bring together a worldclass panel of manufacturers, integrators and users experts and allow participants to get valuable insights into the status and future of the laser industry as well as provide unprecedented opportunities for meeting with industry leaders.

Over 1.5 day, it will address laser emerging applications and key markets, new technologies, and future trends. This 1st forum is must for all laser industry executives as well as for manufacturers, integrators and users managers to network and learn about all the latest industry trends. It will take place on September 6 and 7, 2017 in Shenzhen, alongside the 19th China International Optoelectronic Expo 2017. 

Key reasons to be here!

 3 main sessions on laser technology emerging applications 

  20+ high-level and exclusive speech and industry reports.

  Unique chance to meet leading industry players such as Coherent, Trumpf, and Hans Laser and more.

  1 panel discussion on the future trends of laser industry in China

  Unparalleled networking opportunities with your peers

Call for paper


Yole Développement and CIOE welcome original submissions in the following range of areas:

Emerging applications:


- 3D Imaging

- Biomedical

- applications (printing bio-parts, smart implants…)

Future applications:

- Matrix laser lighting,

- Healthcare 3D printing,

- Holography,

New technologies:

- Gesture recognition

- Sensor fusion,

- Packaging,

- Ultra-fast laser,

- Optics,

Please submit abstract (200 words max.) to Derek Deng (derek.deng@cioe.cn) by May 10, 2017. Your abstract can include one or two illustrations (graph, images…).




The Agenda is coming soon. 


Early bird rate( before August 5): EUR 290(2200 RMB);

Standard rate (after August 5): EUR 370 (2800 RMB).

Note: The ticket will include participation, forum documents, translation, speakers’ PPT file, lunch, and tea break, cocktail etc.

If you are interested in attending this forum, please register here, or download registeration form.

For any questions, email Shirly Yi (Shirly.yi@cioe.cn) or Derek Deng (derek.deng@cioe.cn).




1st Executive Forum on Laser Technologies: From new technologies to emerging applications will provide timely, comprehensive coverage of laser industry. If you are looking for increased visibility, new business development (...) or any combination, the forum enables you to develop and highlight your brand towards a key audience. More information, please refer to the sponsorship opportunities!



Find a list of hotel near the convention center here

More information or any question, please contact Shirly Yi  (Shirly.yi@cioe.cn) or Derek Deng (derek.deng@cioe.cn).

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